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Maud Rio

Associate Professor Maud Rio is a permanent research fellow at Grenoble Alpes University G-SCOP Laboratory. She is part of the Product Process Design Team ( Maud’s research includes developing models and designing methods based on the approach of integrated design to boost environmental performance of product and processes in line with emerging technologies leading to new forms of consumption and production. She is currently the chief investigator of the IntéropèC project to support dynamic and flexible information exchanges between multi-disciplinary activities to practice ecodesign (AGIR – PEM). Other project includes the co-organisation with Orange© of the ATA 2016 International Conference & Thematic Workshop of EcoSD network on Usage integration during design. Maud has co-authored a number of research paper and reports linked with model federation between product designers and environmental experts to increase designers proactivity during the design process of products and services.

Maud is also a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering in IUT’s Mechanical and Manufacturing Technological School of Grenoble (GMP). She is currently the course coordinator for a range of engineering topics related to sustainability, eco-design and life cycle assessment (LCA). In addition, she supervises undergraduate, postgraduate, and master students in related fields, as well as co-supervises PhD students in integrated design. Other responsibilities include international relationship coordinator for students at the IUT GMP. She collaborates with a number of academics and industries in the sector of design engineering from all around the world. She particularly seeks to improve the environmental dimension integration into engineering processes from various industrial contextes.

Prior to this role, Maud has worked two years as a research fellow at RMIT University’s Centre for Design and Society in Australia. She has completed her PhD in 2012 after being graduated in mechanical design engineering and sustainable development in 2009 from the UTT (France).

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